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Please indicate your gender
Please indicate your age group
What is your academic status
Where do you reside
Where do you reside?
Overall, how safe do you feel on campus?
What actions do you take to increase your safety on campus? (Check all that apply)

Parking Lot
Athletic Fields
Recreational Sports Facilities/Gym
New Student Center
Residence Hall
Outside Walkways/Streets
Lyman Beecher-Brooks Library
To what extent are you aware of the Emergency Phones located on the campus buildings

If no, why not?
Please indicate your agreement with the following statments. (Use scale: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree, Don't Know)
There are an adequate number of Police/Security Officers for NSU’s size and population.
NSU Police has a visible presence on and around the campus.
I utilize the student escort system.
I know the emergency number to NSU Police.
I view NSU Police’s website.
There is sufficient security in residence buildings.
There is sufficient in academic buildings.
There is lighting on campus.
I know the difference between NSU Police and NSU Security
The students respect NSU Police Officers
The students respect NSU Security Officers
Students are well informed about recent crime on campus
NSU Police responds to incidents in a reasonable amount of time
I have attended an NSU Police safety talk on campus
Officers are courteous with students
 Please share any concerns you have about your personal safety on campus.
Please share any questions you may have on how safety can be improved.