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Report a Hazing Incident

Norfolk State University's ability to investigate a hazing incident, enforce the University’s values and expectations, and protect the interests of students depends upon the accuracy and specificity of the information provided in this report. You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to address the reported behavior. You have the option to submit this report anonymously, though campus officials and law enforcement may be unable to complete a thorough investigation without knowing the source of the report. Please note that false reports impede the ability of the University to meaningfully address legitimate hazing concerns. If you feel that someone is in immediate danger, please contact the Norfolk State University Police Department at (757)823-8102.

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Incident Report
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1. What is the name of the organization that you are reporting for committing acts of hazing? 
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2. On what date did the incident(s) occur?  
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3. At what time did the incident(s) occur? 
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4. Where did the incident(s) occur? 
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5. Who were the individuals involved in the hazing acts? 
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6. Are there any individuals that witnessed the incident(s) or can further support your report? 
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7. Describe the nature of the incident 
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8. Did any injuries occur as a result of this incident? If yes, please specify. 
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9. Please describe the hazing act(s) that you are reporting. Provide as much detail as possible.  
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As a reminder, reports from anonymous sources may hinder the ability for campus officials to thoroughly investigate and address a hazing incident.  

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